Root Canal Treatment

Our mouth is composed of various parts, such as nerves, blood vessels, teeth, and gums. When they are healthy, the gums don’t bleed, the teeth don’t chip or become loose, while they receive regular supply of vitamins and other nutrients through the blood vessels &nerves, which form part of the pulp.However, there are times when the pulp, found inside the teeth walls, are damaged, perhaps due to tooth decay, poor hygiene or old age. When this happens, the tooth becomes compromised, and infection can set is. To prevent further complications and affecting the other teeth, the tooth needs to be saved through a root canal therapy, or removed.

At Newshorn, we take delight in preserving your teeth using root canal treatment. At Newshorn, extraction is always a last resort, and even then, we are able to work with you to restore the lost tooth.

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  • AMA NYARKO Reply

    Pls how much will it cost to refill a decay teeth

    April 5, 2022 at 8:33 pm

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